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What does the latest easing of Covid-19 restrictions mean for your wedding cake and dessert dreams?

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on the wedding industry. In Queensland we are now able to have weddings with up to 100 guests, however, there are sadly still many restrictions in place from limited dancing rules through to whether you can cut your cake or not! For many couples there are significant and meaningful traditions and rituals attached to their wedding cake so here is what you can and cannot do...

Under the latest Weddings Industry COVID Safe Plan, no open food displays or food meant for consumption is allowable. This means that dessert bars, cupcake towers, and macaron towers are currently not allowed and you cannot have a wedding cake on display that will later be consumed by your guests. We can provide a decorated faux cake to allow you to display and "cut" your wedding cake. We will continue to offer kitchen slab cakes in the flavours of your choice which will be served by the venue direct to each of your guests. You will need to check with your venue to ensure you can have an external supplier such as Sprinkles and Love supply cake, as venues have now been given the right to refuse externally provided items such as cake and other decorations.

Under the current restrictions, the cake used for ceremonial cutting of cake, should not be served to guests. In other words, you are required to have a separate "cutting" cake that you cannot serve to your guests. As an alternative we can place a section of real cake in a faux cake so you can cut the cake and if you wish feed each other a slice!

Edible wedding favours such as sugar cookies and macarons must be individually wrapped and sanitised before placing on the table.

We are not able to conduct in house cake tasting appointments at this time as our current premises do not allow for the appropriate social distancing requirements. We are endeavouring to fit in a few takeaway cake tastings each couple of months and we will post details of upcoming tastings on social media.

As always, we welcome any questions you may have! We want you to have your dream wedding in spite of this and encourage you to discuss any ideas you may have with us so we can do our best to help make your wedding a memory to cherish for the rest of your life.

With Sprinkles and Love,

Renee and Team


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